We're always hiring.

Working with us

We are always open-minded to new talent, and hungry for highly motivated people to join our team.

Careers at our studio are an opportunity to practice design and code as a craft, to develop products at the cutting edge of technical innovation, and to influence trends in product design.

Life is more important than design or development, and it’s way more important than a job. We like to make sure everyone is well paid, well fed, fully insured, and able to enjoy life outside the office.

Fantastic perks and benefits

  • Health insurance
  • Free rugby match tickets
  • Sleeping room in the office
  • Free tampons, pads and menstrual remote
  • Unlimited book orders
  • Free online classes
  • Relevant conferences
  • Free breakfast and lunch
  • Seminars in the countryside
  • The Fifth Element VHS 📼

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