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Thank you 2017, hello 2018

2017 has marked the official launch of our creative studio Muxu.Muxu and what a year it has been.

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Money talk, take 2

We’ve had a very successful second trimester at Muxu.Muxu, with some big news in recruitment.

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Passion, coding and women in tech

I recently caught up with Audrey, developer at creative studio Muxu.Muxu.

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Agency Founders

A series of interviews with the founders of independent + successful ad agencies and creative studios.

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First financial figures

In an ongoing effort to encourage transparency, within the team and indeed across the industry as a whole, we’ve decided to start a series of articles on our financial results.

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Muxu.Muxu’s objective is to combine technology with creative talent, so as to develop products offering memorable and affordable experiences that can help people of all ages.

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Three months in, and we’ve started as we mean to go on

Here at creative studio Muxu.Muxu, the last three months have flashed by in a whirlwind — a happy, energizing rollercoaster ride of stimulating fresh collaborations and exciting meetings with new clients.

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Abstract, and the design workflow revolution

It’s a familiar scenario for any designer: file-conflict fiascos, Dropbox disarray and a veritable minefield of modifications with no clue has to who has changed what, nor why.

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Welcome to the Muxu.Muxu tribe

Above all, Muxu.Muxu are driven by a desire to create exciting things, produce quality output and build long-lasting relationships.

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Muxu.Muxu bootcamp: one week, one app, one thousand Upvotes

During our recent Muxu.Muxu Bootcamp, we set ourselves a mission: one week, one app, from finding the idea to launching on Product Hunt.

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A shot in the dark: The creation of Drubbbler

Planning and posting shots in order to get more visibility—and being strategic about when to do so—has become a fundamental part of work for many designers.

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Diversity, community and collaboration

A brief chat with Luc Chaissac to find out a bit more about the projects they’ve been working on at Azendoo and their design workflow.

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